“Pills Kill” and American heroes deserve a life after service free of deadly pharmaceuticals. They deserve the opportunity to once again be the loving husband, wife, mother, father, sister, brother, son, or daughter that they were before experiencing the horrors of war. Unfortunately, this is virtually unattainable for someone living life in a prescription drug stupor. Today, more that one million Veterans are at risk of being killed by prescription drugs. This year alone, we will lose more than 18,000 American heroes who survived combat, only to return home to be killed by the people sworn to care for them. In a single year, that is more prescription drug related deaths than the total number of U.S. combat casualties in every year combined since the end of the Vietnam War more than forty years ago. Save A Million Vets Foundation™ exists to educate Veterans and their families about safe alternatives to prescription drugs. Alternatives like service animals, art therapy, yoga, natural remedies, counseling, and athletic endeavors. We support any and all safe alternatives to pills. By joining the patriotic Americans and businesses who support our mission, you are not only helping to save a million Vets, you are helping to keep marriages together, combat domestic violence, reduce the appalling number of Veteran suicides, while helping the bravest among us live a life free of prescription drugs. Thank you for supporting the brave men and women who I am both humbled and honored to serve!


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