About the Founder

Save a Million Vets Founder, Roger Martin


Save A Million Vets Founder, Roger Martin, is a veteran of the United States Army who used natural health alternatives to overcome an 11-year dependency on prescription Oxycontin and Ambien in 2010. Troubled by encounters with fellow veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress, depression, chronic pain, and other serious medical conditions, Roger decided to dedicate his life to saving the lives of his brothers and sisters.

As the old saying goes, “War is Hell,” and it is estimated that upwards of twenty percent of veterans suffer from post-traumatic stress. Millions also suffer from depression and chronic pain. More than fifteen percent of active duty Army troops and twenty-three percent of those dealing with chronic pain report using opioid pain relievers — far outpacing an estimated 4 percent of civilian population.

Suicide and the overprescribing of deadly “Combat Cocktails” result in more than fifty veterans dying every day from overdose and suicide. Countless others die in “accidents” that are disguised to protect surviving family members from the stigma associated with suicide.

In addition to the horrors of combat, another cause of post-traumatic stress can be military sexual trauma (MST) which can happen to both men and women and can occur during peacetime, training, or war. Among Veterans who use VA health care, twenty-three percent of women report being sexually assaulted and fifty-five percent of women and thirty-eight percent of men have experienced sexual harassment while serving our country.

According to the Veterans Administration, veterans are twice as likely to die from an accidental overdose. In response, the VA initiated its Opioid Safety Initiative in 2013 which has helped many Vets reduce their use of opiates. Unfortunately, since only an estimated one-third of all Vets are being treated within the VA healthcare system, this has yet to have a significant impact on opioid-related deaths among the overall veteran population.

Organizations supported by the Save A Million Vets Foundation help thousands of veterans all across the U.S.A., many of whom are not currently receiving treatment from the VA.

Since 2010, Roger has had the honor of meeting thousands of veterans and their families who have suffered the physical and emotional damage caused by long-term prescription drug use. Many have shared heart wrenching personal life stories with him. Through them, Roger has learned that the families of these heroes suffer right alongside the Vet they love.

It’s these brave men, women, and children, all of whom he refers to as his “personal heroes,” who are the driving force behind Roger’s efforts to save the lives of America’s bravest.