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The Save A Million Vets™ Foundation 1st Annual Veterans Day Golf Classic is fast-paced, golfer friendly, and fun.

Scramble Format and Shotgun Start. Perfect for Experienced or Novice Golfers. Foursomes and Individual Golfers Welcome. Make New Business Connections. Play one of America’s Top Golf Courses. Shoot our “Fun Gun” that Drives a Ball 350+ Yards. Support Veterans and Their Families.

Rebuilding the American Hero family

When the power of addiction destroys the life of an American hero, the tragedy rarely stops there. The affects are felt throughout the entire family, causing pain and grief for years. Save A Million Vets™ Foundation is dedicated to helping families that have been destroyed by prescription pills by providing the hope and support they need to rebuild.

Pills Kill!

Pills Kill! Deadly prescription drug cocktails are killing American heroes at an alarming rate. More than fifty brave men and women who have already sacrificed so much for our country will die TODAY from prescription drug overdose and suicide. Most have survived the horrors of battle, only to return home to die at the hands of those who took an oath to care for them. In one year, we lose more Veterans to suicide and prescription drug overdose than the total number of U.S. combat deaths in every year combined since the end of the Vietnam War in 1975! 

Inspiring Change Through Courage

There is no greater example of American strength and courage than that of a United States Veteran.  The right to choice his or her own medication is one that should not be regulated by the same politicians that have let them down for decades. Together we can stand up and fight for real change in a system that has denied these rights to our American heroes. 

Why We Give Back

Passionately committed to supporting the brave men and women who served this great nation.



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