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Save a Million Vets

Save a Million Vets supports true nonprofits that help veterans. There are several nonprofits that pocket more money than they put out to help veterans.  Our mission is to only support and promote nonprofits that own their own logo and name.

Recently an organization Roger used to run, now run by two sons, licensed it’s name, logo and website with a FOR PROFIT NAME. Money people pay for swag on the online store is first placed in the bank account of the FOR PROFIT then who knows what happens to the money. This trickery allows them to move an undisclosed amount of donated money from nonprofits to the for profit straight in to their pockets. The organization that Roger used to run is not supported by Save a Million Vets and is dishonorable to any legacy they say they support and is a disgrace to all veterans.

Make sure to ask for the 990 tax form for the organization and to see their tax forms. All tax forms of a nonprofit must be shared to the public when requested by an individual.

Check back often as the list of nonprofits we support is expanded.

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